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Legionella Risk Assessment


We have expertise, across all risk water systems, within complex manufacturing sites in addition to commercial offices, residential, retail and healthcare premises. Operating from our Berkshire office, we can deliver a cost effective service with the ability to effectively manage multi-site portfolios. All our risk assessments follow guidance laid out in HSG 274 Part 2, ACoP L8 and HTM-04 (where applicable).  Any samples taken are analysed through our UKAS accredited lab, Latis Scientific.

Legionella System Of Control


In some cases a formal system of control may have to be implemented. This is usually determined after a risk assessment is completed. This is a written record of your buildings health with respect to water systems. We can help create your written policies and a schedule of testing that will comply with relevant guidance from the HSE. Please see the Resource Centre for more details or feel to contact us for more information.

Legionella Control- Monitoring

In some cases you will already have a risk assessment in place, and may have actions identified pertaining to monitoring. Depending on the design of your building this could be an easy task or could be a considerable drain of your resource. Our monitoring service is designed to remove this burden where we would schedule relevant tasks and execute on your behalf.

Water Schematic Drawings

We are able to offer a schematic production service. Our schematic author has 11 years experience in legionella systems and drawings. All drawings are completed in Autocad and finished to a high quality. 

This service is offered as a stand alone product, as part of a risk assessment, as well as on a subcontract basis if required.  Examples will be provided on request.




Miscellaneous Water Sampling

Here at Saferspace we offer a wide range of water testing which we analyse through our UKAS accredited lab. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Legionella 

  • TVCs @22°C and 37°C 

  • TVCs @30°C

  • Ecoli

  • Coliforms

  • Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

  • Sulphate Reducing Bacteria 

  • Nitrite Reducing Bacteria