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Indoor Air Quality Survey

We have expertise across all types of air systems, within complex manufacturing sites, in addition to commercial offices, residential, retail and healthcare premises. Operating from our Berkshire office, we can deliver a cost effective service with the ability to effectively manage multi-site portfolios. Saferspace can complete a full audit and inspection of your building, including but not limited to; 

  • Inspection Of Air Handling Plant

  • Inspection Of Fan Coil Units

  • Instrument Checks In Occupied Areas- CO , CO2 , Respirable Dust , Temperature , Relative Humidity , Formaldehyde , Miscellaneous Gases.

  • Volatile Organic Compounds

Odour Investigation


Does your building have a existing odour issue or something spontaneous? Some compounds can cause allergic reactions, and some can just be offensive. We can investigate odour sources through inspection and interview. Once the test area has been determined we can test to explore potential causes. 

Duct Inspection

A separate duct inspection can be conducted to measure dust thickness. This is done using an Elcometer Instrument.



Miscellaneous Air Sampling

Here at Saferspace we offer a wide range of air testing which we analyse through our UKAS accredited lab. This includes but not limited to:

  • Airborne TVCs

  • Airborne Bacteria

  • Airborne Mould

  • Surface Swab Bacteria

  • Surface Swab Moulds

  • VOCs Level 1

  • VOCs Level 2

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