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Many buildings will have cold water storage tanks. If you do , you will need to ensure they are kept in a good condition as well as ensuring the design is correct. 

Your legionella risk assessment will assess if the tanks are operating correctly and look for conditions that may be favourable to legionella growth. In between the risk assessment anniversaries you are required to perform tasks on your tanks:

  • Annually Inspect cold water storage tanks and carry out clean and disinfections where necessary

  • Annually  (or as indicated by the temperature profiling) , check the tank water temperature remote from the ball valve and the incoming mains temperature. Record the maximum temperatures of the stored and supply water recorded by fixed maximum/minimum

If your tanks are found to not be compliant then you may need to perform a clean and disinfection, Saferspace are able to provide this service.




Example of Heavy Sediment and Corrosion

Example of Staganation

Our team of experienced technicians will drain, clean, disinfect and restore your tank to a safe working conditon. Please feel free to contact us for more inforamation.

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